Koziol Forensic, LLC has over twenty six years of combined practical experience in Accident Reconstruction. We can provide a complete and comprehensive solution to meet your individual requirements.

We are recognized nationally for our services. Whether the event is a traffic accident, violent crime, or police action, Koziol Forensic, LLC provides a continuum of services from the initial on-site investigation and data collection, through research/testing, reconstruction, cause analysis, trial preparation and support, as well as courtroom graphics and expert testimony.

The complexities of some forensic events require a multi-disciplinary approach to the solution. We are accustomed to being a part of a team of experts, including our own associates.

Koziol Forensic, LLC continues to serve the legal community to definitively resolve the questions surrounding how and why an event occurred. We are routinely retained by attorneys as experts representing either the Plaintiff or Defense, in both Civil and Criminal matters.

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